Room (2015)

The story of ‘Room’ takes inspiration from many different real life events in which people were found to have been locked away and held captive, while not being a specific adaptation, it just makes the film all the more visceral and genuine as it feels like we are peeling back the curtain of the tragedies[…]

Paper Towns (2015)

I’m sitting here trying to think of something positive to say about this film that takes itself far too seriously and tries too hard to seem sophisticated and deep and fails so miserably in every scene. The music was pretty good, the little of it there was anyway. Maybe that is the clue to making[…]

Jurassic World (2015)

One of the first shots of this film is of a CGI crow or some other black bird, not a fancy dinosaur bird, not even a rainbow-coloured bird, a standard black crow. This instantly hit me with a huge wave of doubt over this film because if they couldn’t even use a real bird, and[…]

Inside Out (2015)

‘Inside Out’ tackles a very interesting subject matter in a very complex way, and while it is very touching and filled with some great moments, overall this film lacks character depth, which unfortunately is the problem having most of the characters in the film be a single emotion personified so obviously Pixar limited themselves there.

Zavvi’s Heroes & Villains Zbox

  I was looking forward to Zavvi’s Heroes and Villains Zbox because occasionally they have some fantastic stuff in these boxes, for example a die-cast replica of Judge Dredd’s police badge from the film ‘Dredd’. So I was hopeful for something cool and interesting and unfortunately, this box contained little of either.

Nerd Block’s Welcome Block

I was subscribed to Nerd Block well over a year ago and left when they sent me a box that was so bad, I took it as an insult and I never looked back until recently when I started looking into these blind-box subscriptions and discovered that the items have generally been far superior and[…]

Lionsgate are fucking me

Earlier today, I was checking my analytics and other stats through Google when I noticed that my URL popped up in a list of Google’s ‘Transparency Report’, this is basically a list of domains that companies have asked Google not to show results for and is mainly filled with torrent and streaming sites, so it[…]

Sci-Fi Recommendations

There are 3 genres of films that I find very difficult to give relative strangers recommendations to watch and those genres are comedy, horror and Sci-fi films. Now comedy and horror films are, in my mind technically the same, both are very subjective and dependant on the person’s taste, one person might find gore terrifying[…]

The Kliq Rules

This hour-long documentary focuses on a group of five wrestlers  whom despite their differences at first and their on-screen personas were very good friends behind the scenes of wrestling. It is so interesting to see how close, these five people remained despite the trials and tribulations that got in their way.

Signature Sounds – The Music of WWE

‘Signature Sounds’ is a look at the 25 best WWE themes in the history of the company. Now this certainly interested me, but as with any top list, it is subjective and it was abundantly clear to me that whomever was in charge of compiling these 25 songs, didn’t have the same tastes as me,[…]