Wrath of the Titans follows Perseus and his battle with even more titans. The Gods are loosing their powers because no one prays to them anymore so Zeus asks Perseus to stop these titans which have been unleashed before Chronos awakens and fucks stuff up.

Sam Worthington is a bad actor, however i feel he has improved slightly from Clash of the Titans, but it is still really wooden and just bad.

Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes however are very good as Zeus and Hades respectively, they get much bigger roles in this film and give very good performances, nothing Oscar worthy, but by far much better than this film deserves.

Toby Kebbell does a fantastic job in this film as half god Agenor. Truly fantastic performance, he was given the best dialogue, some really great scenes and definitely got his time to shine. But again, his performance was too good for this film.

Everyone else was just exceedingly average, moreso than you would expect from a blockbuster of this reputation.

Jonathan Liebsman, what went wrong? The directing here is average at best, standard set up, standard camera work, standard editing, nothing great, even the first film had some decent set up shots, but no, nothing. You should be ashamed.

Also, for future reference, just because it is an action movie does not mean that every time there is a punch or a kick or even a fucking bucket falling over you have to throw in huge, loud thumps of bass to give it a “godly” effect, we get it, the action is “intense” and these Gods are strong, maybe just relax a little other wise i might have to send you the bill for my Subwoofer repair. Amateur.

The story is pretty much a rehash of the first film, except with different monsters. The script is terrible and flawed, the delivery of some really cheesy lines from Worthington made me want to turn the film off.

My biggest problem with this and the first film is that the ending is the biggest fuck you and cop out to the audience. This film gave a solid “Fuck you” to the audience during the last 30 minutes twice. I am sorry but if you are leading up to a big bad enemy that can destroy everything you need to make the struggle better and the battle last more than 5 fucking minutes.

The positive things about this film are few and far between but Kebbell, Neeson and Fiennes are this films biggest saving grace, making their scenes not only watchable, but often enjoyable.

The special effects vary from really great to pretty shoddy, but i have come to expect that from these films.

Still, if you liked the first film, definitely check this film out as it is just more of the same but with some better actors involved. Just make sure to keep the remote tightly in your hand and be prepared to turn the volume way down every 5 minutes just so your TV and speakers doesn’t spontaneously combust.