Space shooters never die. 1993 is a testament to that. 1993 is a classic shoot em up celebrating games like Gradius, R-Type and Life Force.

This is a brilliantly fun and short game. It’s a shoot em up of the bullet hell kind, and while I never usually enjoy these type of games simply because I struggle to keep track of everything, this game just manages the right balance of shit on screen, to making your ship stand out.

I was having so much fun with this game, which was a pleasant surprise as before going in I wasn’t expecting much, and in fact, just wanted the hour to go by quickly. However within the first 10-15 minutes, I was hooked.

The controls are tight, responsive, and intuitive. Honestly this game was such a pleasure to play.

When my stopwatch let me know an hour had passed, I didn’t care, I just kept playing. The later levels have a difficulty spike however, that didn’t deter me which, due to my willingness to drop any game at an instant notice, is a huge testament to simply how fun this game is.

Would I play this again? Yeah, if I’m ever in a mood for a bullet hell shoot em up, this will be my go to. I actually completed the game, and when it  was over I just wanted more. Such a great game!

Am I the baddie? Is a question I constantly asked myself throughout the game. In the end I submitted and embraced my life as the baddie and had even more fun!