10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling Puzzle RPG Matching Game. Run the dungeon, match tiles and run for as long as you can

This is an addictive little indie game, with just the right amount of complexity, to casually engage the player. On the surface it’s a little pixel art style match 3 game, however, with the aspects of running through a dungeon, happening upon monsters, crates, and other mythical goodness, you have to be very tactical in which squares you match up. Swords, Staffs, Wood, Keys, and Iron are the available tiles, at least as far as I got in my one hour window.

It’s a nice chill game, sit back, grab your mouse, listen to a podcast or some music, because fuck me does the soundtrack get repetitive extremely quickly. This is a game you play between big story games as a palette cleanser, nice and breezy, nothing too strenuous.

You run through a dungeon with 3 objectives, once you completed 1 objective you run through the same dungeon until you’ve earned enough points by running through it several times to level up to the next dungeon. 

This game also has a little side RPG-lite system where you can level up various elements of your character, or weapons, etc. I didn’t get to a point where I could unlock every option, but I unlocked the majority and it added a little fun in figuring out which skill to pour my resources into.

The game does have its issues though, at the start when I put it in fullscreen, it kept making itself windowed, but after some perseverance, I finally managed to stick it full screen. 

The title of the game 10,000,000 is because, I believe, in order to complete the game you must reach 10,000,000 cumulative points. The game has zero story, you start trapped in a prison with no explanation and then you’re thrusted upon monsters in the dark. 

Would I play it again? Yes, this will be my new game that I play between “real” games, and one that when I have a spare 10 minutes, let myself run through a dungeon and fail miserably.