Splice (2009)


‘Splice’ focuses on two genetic scientists that through genome splicing, have created a creature that can produce enough nutrients for livestock. But that isn’t enough as they decide that they need to splice human DNA into the mix in order to solve diseases. But something goes awry.

Oh and it was going so well…

The film started out pretty interesting with some cool little sci-fi moments but my oh my, did that train derail quickly. It derailed, exploded and poured shit all over the screen. The film is horrendously shot, it’s so stupid with a lot of shots leaving you with a question of why they decided that shot looked good. It’s amateurish at best and downright disgusting at worst.

The awful look of the film really lets down what is pretty good CGI and practical effects but that is all the praise this film is going to get. All of the characters in this film start out pretty well and then just devolve into irrational caricatures.

The basic plot outline could have made a great sci-fi film if it were in competent people’s hands, the script is awful, the acting is bad, the pacing is glacial and it’s not even pretty.

It was just a strange film, not a good strange either, just the kind of strange that leaves you with a bewildered look on your face and regretting the time you’ve spent with the film.

Time was wasted needlessly, a “psycho mom” side plot that never gets fully resolved, the nosey brother is fundamentally useless, it just doesn’t make sense.


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