The Kryptonian Awards 2014 – Best Director

The nominees for ‘Best Director’ are –

David Fincher – ‘Gone Girl’

Gone Girl

Every frame in every David Fincher film is exactly how he wants it to look and every frame is better for it. Fincher is famously meticulous when making his films, doing as many as 200 takes for one scene, just to get the film to the standard he sees in his head, personal taste aside, that makes his films the definition of perfect.

Steven Knight – ‘Locke’


Steven Knight took a film with only a handful of different camera angles, with only one actor on screen and all in one take made one of the most gripping films of 2014. That takes a special kind of talent and restraint that not many directors possess.

Mike Cahill – ‘I Origins’

I Origins

Mike Cahill turned what could could have been a boring, preaching or even snobby film and not only made it accessible but made it sparkle with fantastic shots, excellent pacing and some great performances.

Richard Linklater – ‘Boyhood’


Richard Linklater filmed ‘Boyhood’ over a 12 year period and managed to not only keep the acting quality the same but managed to create a great and engaging story throughout. The fact that he could piece together a narrative throughout 12 years is impressive, the fact that it was a fantastic piece of storytelling is a whole other thing all together.

Wes Anderson – ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

The grand budapest hotel

Wes Anderson just keeps getting better with every film he puts out, his approach to filmmaking is similar to Fincher in that every scene is like a picture and is how he wants it however he doesn’t resort to having over 100 takes, the lightheartedness of the film really shines through and it is quintessential Anderson through and through.

James Marsh – ‘The Theory of Everything’

The theory of everything

James Marsh made a film about love, science, disease, more science and heartbreak and made it extremely compelling, I was gripped throughout the entirety of the film and didn’t want it to end.

And the winner is …

Richard Linklater for ‘Boyhood’. I will reiterate my previous statement, Linklater filmed throughout a 12 year period to make a compelling, emotionally visceral film that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.


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