Tyrannosaur (2011)

Tyrannosaur is about Joseph and his every day struggles. The film starts off with him beating his dog to death, not because he doesn’t like the dog, he loves the dog, but because a stranger pissed him off. All seems lost for Joseph until he finds Christian charity shop worker Hannah and he tries to turn his life around.

Peter Mullan is perfect as Joseph. Joseph as a character has many problems, anger issues, slight paranoia, potential alcoholism. Every aspect of Joseph’s personality is fleshed out and perfectly¬†conveyed¬†by Mullan, quite simply, he is Joesph.

Olivia Colman is also perfect as the shy Christian charity shop worker with a good heart. Colman manages to give the impression of a woman who is losing faith and losing her way because of what has happened to her. Colman shows her vulnerable side while also keeping her character dignified, as much as can be in certain situations.

The two lead’s have amazing chemistry and bounce back and fourth off of each other perfectly. The rest of the cast do a great job, not one poor performance in the whole film.

This is Paddy Considine’s first feature length directorial debut and is simply astounding. The dull colour tone used throughout the film gives a genuine feel of grit in the setting and adds to the overall feel of the film.
Some of the shots that Considine went with is very creative and just works really well with the film.

Tyrannosaur is a fantastic film and simply is a must see.


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