The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

This film is based on a night security worker named Martin who is overweight, disturbed and evil person and his passion for The Human Centipede, which appears in this movie as an actual film. The first film had the title “(First Sequence)” and it was so because it was, as explained in this film and its predecessor, there was many more humans that could be added. Martin then takes it upon himself to attempt to make a 12 person human centipede, however due to his mental state and having no surgical knowledge, besides that provided in the film, this does not come easy to him.

This film has been banned, edited and chopped up in various countries and it is easy to see why, i watched the version in which i was told 2 mins and 30 secs were edited out, this did not have a negative effect on the film as they were extremely smooth edits and only a keen eye could see where they had been cut from.

As you expect from a sequel to a horror film, this raises the gore and disgust factor significantly. The one complaint i had about the original was that there wasn’t that much gore considering the nature of the subject. This film walks a fine line on the gore barrier, sometime having too much but most of the time having the right amount which, although in black and white, i’ll get to that soon, still adds to the overall feel of realness that you are supposed to get from this film.

This film is in black and white, so if you are a completely ignorant person who won’t watch a film unless it is in full colour then this isn’t the film for you. The black and white was obviously a stylistic choice and aids the film greatly. When i first heard the film was going to be full black and white, i did feel a little disappointed purely because i like to see all the blood and guts in a gorey horror movie, however within the first 15 minutes i completely forgot about colour and was engrossed in the film.

Laurence R. Harvey plays Martin perfectly. For me he is that character and not an unknown actor.
Surprisingly with 12 victims they get barely any screen time or lines so their acting ranges from good to poor but Harvey is so good you don’t care.

Tom Six is a very clever person. I think he used this film to answer the critics of the first Human Centipede by making that an actual movie in this film and stating that Martin is the ultimate fan of The Human Centipede which shows how, with the right tools, any fan could make their own Human Centipede which then gives it a real threat of existence.

This film is slightly better than it’s predecessor as this has a more rich back story and sets up the main character better, which somehow makes him even more scary. Plenty of blood, plenty of shocks, get some mates over and get grossed out together.


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