The Hangover Part II (2011)

The Wolfpack is back and they are less funny in Bangkok.

The Hangover Part II follows the 4 friends from the first Hangover movie and the premise of the movie is almost identical, except all the mishaps take place in Bangkok instead of Vegas. If you don’t know the story of this or the first Hangover movie it goes a little something like this: Bachelor party + Consumption of drugs (Unknowingly) + “Crazy” location = Comedic mishaps.

The 3 main characters, Stu, Alan & Phil are played to perfection, these aren’t actors, they are these people. You believe them 100% and genuinely come to love the characters throughout both movies. There are ofcourse a lot of cameo’s which i won’t spoil but they are very welcome and, mostly, funny. All the other supporting actors do a great job and are no hindrance to the movie.

Todd Phillips really knows how to set up certain shots for full comedic effect and it shows in this movie. The cinematography and the settings he uses really shows how different Bangkok is, from the gritty, run down hotel room, to the high class, luxurious restaurants and then to the seedy strip clubs, all adds to the feel of the film.

The Hangover part II suffers from being too similar to its predecessor and with many of the same set ups and situations it’s hard not to feel like you have already seen this film, but for fans of the original it is definitely worth a watch as it still has some funny and unpredictable moments.


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