Snatch. (2000)


Snatch is an English gangster film with various comedy elements. It follows the story of a diamond stolen from Antwerp and the various characters that come into contact with it. 

Now let’s get straight to reviewing this film.

All of the actors in this movie are excellent. Whether its the unlikely pairing of Jason Statham and Stephen Graham or Brad Pitt and his gang of gypsies or even the totally over the top Rade Serbedzija (Boris the bullet dodger). Every single character has a full personality and we know enough about them to sympathise with them.
The stand out performance by far though is the almost unrecognisable Brad Pitt as the boxing gypsy.

This is undoubtedly Guy Ritchie’s finest work. Ritchie’s direction is often compared to Tarantino’s, people often claiming he is a “Tarantino lite”. While i do agree in some respects it simply works for his films, Rocknrolla, Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels and Snatch being the most obvious. It gives the film a gritty feel and the dull colour pallet used increases the feeling of being in an area of London where all these gangsters operate. 

This screenplay is where Ritchie really shows his flair for language and proves that Ritchie knows his stuff. Simply put the dialogue in this movie is straight out of a Tarantino wet dream. The way the characters interact with each other make this one of the most quotable films ever. 

Snatch is my favourite film of all time, its clever, funny, witty and just perfect. If you are a fan of movies in general, you should watch Snatch. I could have written 5000 words about this movie, but i don’t have to. WATCH THIS MOVIE!

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