Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is a film set in the 1950’s following two US Marshals and their investigation of a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane set on an island called Shutter Island. Is there a conspiracy on the island or is it all in their heads?

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main Marshal and is superb in his role. DiCaprio’s character is seemingly at the centre of all the conspiracy and the film also has flash backs to his time serving in the army, this requires a whole range of emotions from DiCaprio from him killing in World War II all the way to him being a detective looking for a conspiracy in the island and DiCaprio is truly great in this role, Scorsese somehow brings greatness out of DiCaprio which we rarely see.

Mark Ruffalo plays the other Marshal and is equally as good as DiCaprio in the role even though he is not given as much material to work with as DiCaprio. I was not familiar with Ruffalo before watching this film and if his acting in this film is as good as he will be in The Avengers then i no longer worry about him playing Bruce Banner.

Ben Kingsley plays the main psychiatrist of Shutter Island and is good in his role, not superb, nothing to write home about, but that might be because of his limited screen time or the way his character was written.

The rest of the actors all do good jobs, my only wish is that Jackie Earle Haley had more screen time. However  the above are the main three characters.

Oh Scorsese, you know how to make great movies sir. Shutter Island is a well made film. The cinematography is great, you really get a feeling of the eeriness of the island and how it is truly a perfect prison. The only thing i do not like about Scorsese’s approach to making this film is some of the green screen/background images, it sometimes looks a little fake to me, however this might have been a creative choice by Scorsese to give it more a feeling of the 50’s

Shutter Island is a great, well made film with great acting, great directing and a solid story. It does however have its imperfections, however Scorsese has not failed to deliver a great thriller that in my opinion should have been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

This film is definitely a required watch for anyone but especially fans of Scorsese and DiCaprio.


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