Scarface (1983)

This is my very first time watching Scarface and will definitely not be my last.

Scarface or as i like to call it “The Rise and Fall of Tony Montana”¬†centers¬†on the life of Tony Montana, a Cuban war veteran and his immigration to the United States and him being enrolled by a drug lord and shows Tony rising through the ranks until eventually he gets his own business and is making more money than he can handle.

Scarface has one of the most quoted lines out of any film “Say hello to my little friend” and until i watched this film i was only vaguely sure of the context of that line, but watching this film really gives that line power.

Al Pacino gives an astounding performance, so good is this performance that at some parts i forgot i was watching a movie. The rest of the cast do a great job as background characters to the scene stealing Tony Montana. Some of the accents, i admit, are a little hard to understand at first, but eventually you get used to it and once you get passed the accent barrier the film is pure brilliance.

Brian De Palma does a great job with the various locations and giving the film a really gritty look, even the glorious mansions and houses have a certain grit to them which really gives everything a seedy feel, which is perfect due to the business in which the money is obtained. I will definitely be checking out Carlito’s Way (Another De Palma film that, i am told, is great).

Scarface is a great film with a rich story, deep meanings, however it does suffer from a rather dull romance sub-plot which doesn’t materialise until the last hour of the movie. However it is still recommended for everyone, but especially for those who are a fan of gangster movies.


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