Rango (2011)

Rango follows a pet chameleon that, for the most part, goes by the name of Rango, hence the name, who accidentally gets abandoned by his owners and finds a town which means he gets a chance to re-invent his whole persona and chooses the persona of a “bad boy” who is not afraid of violence, the complete opposite of his real personality. This obviously leads to complications when he is named sheriff of the town and asked to find the people who stole the towns water.

Even though you don’t see his face, this is most definitely a Johnny Depp film. This is not necessarily a bad thing and in this circumstance it is great as Depp, as usual immerses himself in the role, which in a voice over role is that much more effective. Having said that, at certain times some Depp mannerisms pop up and you realise that it  is Depp voicing this animated chameleon.

Everyone else does a good job, but when compared to Depp’s performance are just background characters.

Rango truly is a beautiful and stylistic film. The creatures would look extremely realistic if not for their unique character designs. This film was made by ILM, the studio behind all of the effects in the Star Wars movies and it is definitely beautiful, with the various textures and colours. Although there is not as much detail put into certain aspects as Pixar give their films, but it is forgivable as Pixar is the only studio which shows so much love and care for their films, well most of the time.

Rango has a simple and weak story which aimlessly goes from one spot to another, never really gaining my interest. I know that Rango is a well loved film, both by critic’s and audience’s, yet i just can’t see why. Yes the animation is beautiful and Depp is brilliant, it is lacking in something which it should have. All the other animated films i have seen this year managed to capture my interest and, mostly, keep it until the credits. Yet Rango can’t quite manage to keep me interested. It is a shame since it had such a strong opening scene.


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