Puss in Boots (2011)

Pray for mercy from…PUSS in boots.

Puss in Boots follows Puss, from the popular, sort of, Shrek franchise and his adventure to get the golden eggs from atop the fabled beanstalk. Along the way he is joined by Kitty Softpaws, a cat burglar who is more than a match for Puss. Also joining Puss is his old friend Humpty Dumpty. Together they try to get the beans to create the beanstalk in order to get the eggs, however Jack and Jill have them, so first they must steal them.

Antonio Banderas is superb as the Zorro rip off Puss in Boots. The accent, the way of talking, it all adds together to form an extremely well rounded character with both cuteness and aggression. Puss may be one of the more well rounded animated characters in the Shrek franchise.

Salma Hayek is great as Kitty Softpaws and manages to make her both deadly yet sensual. Kitty Softpaws, with the attitude Hayek gives her is the perfect animated Catwoman. Hayek had a tough job on her hands in order to match Banderas’ performance and i feel that she did a great job, often outshining Puss.

Zach Galifianakis is pretty good as Humpty Dumpty, however i feel that he was type cast here because Dumpty is always falling over and getting into trouble, obviously Dumpty is not as stupid as Galifianakis’ character from The Hangover, but it is certainly on the way there. As this wasn’t a stretch for him it wasn’t as effective as the other characters and i cannot believe him as anything other than a good guy, but his performance doesnt hinder the story, so nothing to complain about.

The animation in this film is great, however, with most Dreamworks films there isn’t as much detail put into it unlike Pixar. However, the animation on Puss and Kitty is superb and the fine detail of their fur is outstanding. It really is great how much the quality of animation improves every year.

There are plenty more jokes in this film for owners of cats than otherwise. However Puss in Boots is definitely on par with the better of the animated films of 2011 but overall just isn’t up to the challenge of the stronger animated movies of all time. It is definitely worth a watch though and is you love Puss in the Shrek films, you haven’t seen anything yet!


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