Puncture (Injustice) (2011)

Puncture is based loosely on a true story about a small lawyer firm and their fight against huge companies to introduce a product into hospitals which could save thousands of lives a year. Except the new product, a safety needle, costs 5 cents more per syringe, which the big companies, who happen to own shares in every major company from banks to people in congress deem too expensive. Chris Evans plays a genius lawyer with a drug addiction which becomes a hindrance as the case progresses and he starts to drag those around him into a black hole of despair.

Chris Evans is absolutely fantastic as drug addicted genious Mike Weiss. He is completely believable and his opening scene gives us all the backstory we need on the character. The rest of the supporting cast do a good job but, as with most films about a tortured genious, they are merely background characters to the spectacle which is Chris Evans.

Adam & Mark Kassen do a brilliant job considering this is their first feature film. Some of the camera shots are very inventive and extremely impressive. The overall feel of the movie is very mixed, it goes from dingy hotel rooms to grand, beautiful, modern buildings and it contrasts how difficult it is for Weiss to juggle his life.

This movie is a very average movie, improved only by Evans’ amazing acting and the Kassen brothers adventurous camera shots. Other than that, not much is going for this movie, the main story gets slightly tedious when not focused on Evans. The ending is pretty powerful, and personally i didn’t expect it. My recommendation is that you don’t watch a trailer for this movie, read very little about it and give it a watch and see how good an actor Chris Evans can be.


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