Project X (2012)

Project X follows a small group of unpopular kids who decide the best way to become popular is to throw a huge party. This party suddenly becomes wildly out of hand and shit goes down.

That is the plot to Project X, doesn’t look positive, but i had faith it would at least be good for some laughs.

The three main actors, all of whom are unknown do a pretty good job of being the typical nerdy teenager. You have the three typical branches of this trio of friends, you have the overweight kid, the kid who wants to party and have sex and the awkward, skinny kid.

Extremely formulaic, but it has worked in the past so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

No stand outs in the cast, like i said, usual high school characters with the usual clichés.

This film was short entirely in the found footage, shaky cam style that most recent horror films have been using, often more frequently than they should. However i feel that it works perfectly for this film, in an age where everyone has a phone and every phone has a decent camera on it, of course party goers are going to film an epic party.

The cameras switch between an obviously high quality handicam to mobile phone videos and even CCTV recordings and police recordings. It all adds to the realness of the film and the way in which it is pulled off makes it that much more believable, the main cameraman is introduced as an introvert so obviously he would not interact too much with the rest of the party goers which still gives the film a touch of professionalism.

One thing i would have like to have seen is some of the drunk party goers take the main camera off the guy carrying it and pass it around the party, getting glimpses of the craziness that we weren’t seeing, but besides that it was pulled off very well.

Project X has a stale plot which we have seen a million times with the same cliché characters. It’s only saving grace is that all these “crazy” things happened while they were partying and the party got out of hand. But to be honest, from the advertising of the most crazy party film ever, i expected more than just a few crazy things. Most of the craziness is shown in the trailer, so avoid the trailer if you want to see the film.

Another problem i had with this film is that for a film supposed to be a comedy, there are barely any laugh out loud moments. This film mostly goes for the shock value as in “oh shit i can’t believe that happened” than getting genuine, gut wrenching laughs out of the audience. Sure, go for shock value, but cover it with genuine laughs and your film automatically becomes a lot better.

In conclusion, if you are with a few friends, having a couple of drinks and you want to watch a film, by all means put this film on, but there are better films out there.


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