Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Monsters Inc. is an animated film about monsters whose energy supply is children’s screams, this means that there is a factory where monsters enter children’s bedrooms through their closets and try to scare up as much scream as possible. There is however a problem, children are becoming far more┬ádesensitised┬áto scary films, monsters and other things, this leads to a fiendish plot to force the screams out of the children by kidnapping them. Meanwhile, top scarer Sully accidentally lets a poisonous child, Boo, into their world and starts to care for her while trying to protect her from fiendish hands.

The entire cast in this film are perfectly cast and do amazing jobs with their roles.

John Goodman is both intimidating, hilarious and sweet as Sully, the top scarer who has a soft spot for Boo. Goodman was perfect for this role, giving Sully a boisterous voice that really gives him some respect and convinces as a “Top Scarer”.

Billy Crystal is equally great, if not better as Mike Wazowski, Sully’s hilarious assistant whom tries to charm his way out of every situation he gets into. Mike truly cares for Sully and you can feel that in Crystal’s voice, plus he has some great lines.

Steve Buscemi is superb as Randall the slimy, shady character who is in constant competition with Sulley. Buscemi always plays a great asshole and even though it is just his voice we are getting, the creepiness oozes through which is why, in my opinion, Randall is one of the best Pixar villains we have seen.

I remember watching Monsters Inc. in the cinemas when it first came out and i remember how blown away i was by it all, especially the animation. Nowadays, after great progress in digital effects and animation, Monsters Inc. is just starting to look poor compared to say Up or How To Train Your Dragon, however the animation still looks great, just don’t expect Cars 2 caliber level of animation.

I believe that Monsters Inc. is the first time that fur/hair was completely animated, moving with the characters freely and you can really tell, Sully’s fur still looks fantastic and, watching on Blu-Ray, you can really see each individual hair move casually as Sully walks.

Monsters Inc. is a great film, easily in my top 5 Pixar films. It is a warm-hearted story told with love and affection. This isn’t a kids film, this is a family film, with stuff in it that will keep all ages entertained. Although it is not quite up to par with Pixar’s greatest films, in my opinion, Finding Nemo and Up as it is not quite as sophisticated as them.


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