Intouchables (2011)

Intouchables follows the story of millionaire Phillipe who is disabled from the neck down and his new helper Driss. Driss is from a more ghetto part of Paris and has a criminal record and is still not a straight shooter, however Phillipe sees good in Driss and offers him the job of being his primary carer. The film closely follows their friendship grow from a rocky start to a solid and close friendship.

Omar Sy is superb as the reluctant helper Driss. He wishes a better life for himself other than sharing a small apartment with several of his siblings. Being black and from the ghetto, this puts a chip on Driss’ shoulder and he displays it with pride, however he soon starts to become close to Phillipe, which is where Sy perfectly unveils a soft side of Driss.

Francois Cluzet is equally as perfect as Phillipe, the millionaire who had a rich, fulfilled life until a tragic accident left him paralysed from the neck down. To pull off this role, Cluzet had to rely on his voice tone and facial expressions and he pulls it off elegantly and really gives Phillipe some depth.

I have not seen any of directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache’s previous films. However this film is brilliantly shot, nothing really new to see here but it is a truly beautiful film. The cinematography, the angles used for certain shots and the colour tones are just superb.

Intouchables is a great film with lots of heart in it. It is however by no means a perfect film, it does have some flaws, however that could be because it was based on a true story and they did not wish to fabricate too much of the story.MY SCORE

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