In Bruges (2008)

In Bruges focuses on two hit men who are sent to hide out in Bruges by their boss. The two hit men, played by Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell are completely different save for the fact they are hit men. Gleeson’s character loves the historical city and takes the sites and history of Bruges in his stride, Farrell’s character however hates it and only finds enjoyment in being in the pub. Despite their differences the two hit men are extremely close, so when Harry, their boss, calls and tells one of them that the other has to be killed this sets of a train of events which eventually lead to Harry going to Bruges himself to settle the final score.

Brendan Gleeson is superb as Ken, the older and more experienced of the hit men. Yet despite his occupation he has a heart of gold and it shows through in his performance. Gleeson’s delivery of his dialogue is great and so subtle that it nears perfection.

Colin Farrell’s character on the other hand is loud, makes quick decisions and also has a dark past which haunts him. This is, in my opinion Farrell’s best performance, he really gives this role his all as he is lumbered with the better of the jokes yet also pulls off the darker, more serious stuff with flare.

Ralph Fiennes’ performance as Harry is amazing, he is convincing as the hard faced hit man yet also surprises with amazing delivery of some great one liners. Fiennes in my opinion was by far the funniest character in the whole film.

In Bruges is director Martin McDonagh’s first and so far only feature length film. Which to be brutally honest does not surprise me, as a director McDonagh brings nothing new to the table and his style is very simplistic, paint by numbers approach to film making.

However McDonagh also wrote the screenplay, which was very good and not at all unoriginal. Yet he hasn’t written again, maybe In Bruges left a bad taste in his mouth, we may never know.

In Bruges is classed as a dark comedy, however i truly underestimated how dark it would be. Come on, you can’t put Colin Farrell on the poster with an ice cream if your film is nowhere near that light hearted. I was expecting a darkish action comedy film with some decent performances.

With the film being so dark i didn’t find it that funny. Sure Fiennes’ subtle delivery of some lines is great and Farrell is occasionally funny, it just really didn’t blow me away like i was expecting. Which is a shame because i really wanted to give In Bruges a high rating and love the film, but i just can’t. 

Everyone who has seen this film that i know, rave about this film being brilliant and a “must see”, however it is not a must see, if you like Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson or Ralph Fiennes, sure give it a watch but definitely don’t give it top priority.


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