Contagion (2011)

Contagion tells the story about what would happen if a huge virus started infecting people and they were dying quickly with no way of finding a cure because of the viciousness of the virus itself.

This movie has an all star cast including Matt Damon, Jude Law, etc. Every cast member is pitch perfect. They are great in their roles and are extremely convincing. There is not one single stand out actor as the whole cast were brilliant and really gave this film some gravitas.

Steven Soderbergh gives this film a bleak look which is amazing how much of an effect this has on the film, by giving it a dull colour tone he is telling the story of how infection and disease is, how it affects people and what it feels like.
The cinematography is also stunning, the various shots, although few in number still put across how desolate some places are when the population is affected by the disease.
Some of the scenes are extremely powerful and help get across the feeling of isolation with his audience which overall helps the audience connect more with the characters.

Contagion is a thought provoking drama with great acting, great directing, a solid screenplay but overall lacks a solid conclusion, which could again be the choice of the director, i would however have preferred a more conclusive ending. However, overall the film gave a very accurate representation of what would really happen in a situation like this, which itself is extremely creepy and aids the film greatly.


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