Best of 2011

The following are my favourite films of the year, i haven’t seen a lot of the Oscar bait films as they aren’t released in England yet or i just haven’t got around to watching them.

10. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
This film completely came out of nowhere for me, i didn’t want to watch it, but i did it and i am glad i did, it is sometimes hilarious almost consistently funny and is the second funniest film of the year. 

9. The Help
 The Help always looked interesting to me and after watching it i was pleasantly surprised. I won’t write a lot about the film as i don’t want to repeat my review which you can find on here.
8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Harry Potter has lasted 8 films with pretty good consistency in quality, everyone has their favourite film and this final film has replaced a lot of peoples top spot. After the slow burning part 1, Part 2 is almost non stop action without losing any of the heart of the basic story. It all ends here and it ended on a high note.
7. Tyrannosaur
Tyrannosaur was a gripping story with amazing performances from everyone involved. I know people outside of England will not have heard of this film, but i highly recommend you check this film out by pirating or however you can get your hands on it. This film will show, American audiences especially that England can make brilliant films, they have already seen and loved Attack The Block, Tyrannosaur is even better, yet a completely different film. This film has nothing to do with dinosaurs.
6. Drive
“WHAT?! THIS IS NOT YOUR NUMBER ONE FILM!!???”. No, it isn’t, i certainly enjoyed it and i can see why it is rated so highly by everyone. However there have been other films that i have enjoyed more than this, despite Gosling giving one of the greatest performances of the year.
5. The Devil’s Double
Dominic Cooper gives an outstanding performance as both main characters. The Devil’s Double wasn’t perfect but it was a great film.
4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
I went into Rise with extremely low expectations after Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes but i was blown away by how great this film was, Andy Serkis is perfect as Caesar, the CGI, mostly is photo realistic. It is just superb and by far the best of the franchise.
3. 50/50
50/50 is a superb film. I cannot say enough good things about this film so i am not even going to attempt it. Just read my review.

2. Thor

Thor is my favourite superhero in comics so i was highly anticipating yet extremely cautious about it and when i left the cinema i was blown away by Thor, it was such a great film.

1. The Inbetweeners Movie
This was not just the funniest film of the year, it is the funniest film i have ever seen. This is by far the best TV to Film conversion ever. You do not need to have seen the series to find the film funny or understand it, however you will get some of the inside jokes if you have seen the series. This film was literally perfect and could not have been improved. I highly recommend people from overseas check this film out and enjoy yourself. This film also has the honour of being one of the few films i have ever given 10 out of 10.

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