American Reunion (2012)

American Reunion is the sequel to the first 3 American Pie films. It focuses, as the title would suggest on a reunion of all the old cast and a few hilarious extra characters thrown in for good fun.

We all come to meet most of these actors as the characters in the first American Pie, so obviously they are all perfect in an old fans mind and the magic is still there, Finch is still the weirder of the bunch, Oz is still a meat head with a heart, Stifler is still a cunt, etc. and it is just a pleasure to see all these characters back, i didn’t even hate Tara Reid.

American Reunion is directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (fantastic last name by the way) who have both only directed one previous movie (Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay), which was directed competently enough, besides it is a comedy film, directing is really a non-issue here.

So just as Hurwitz and Schlossberg did with Harold and Kumar 2, they also did a competent job here, nothing flashy, but like i said, it is a basic comedy film, nothing needs to be flashy about it. They get the job done well enough and it could have gone a lot worse.

American Reunion is a funny film however it has one major flaw, it requires its audience to have at least seen the first American Pie film in order to get a lot of the jokes. However, as the original is, in my opinion, a classic, this is not a difficult task, i even enjoyed American Pie 2, though i hated American Pie: The Wedding.

The jokes are pretty consistent in the first hour of the film, but then it starts to feel a bit stale and sometimes the jokes felt forced and that is not what i wanted from another American Pie film.

This film could do with a bit of trimming around the edges, it is almost 2 hours and comedy films do not need to be that long at all.

I hate the kid angle in films, they always do it to refresh a franchise, or when they are simply out of ideas, Shrek the Third, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Die Hard 4.0, etc. But surprisingly Jim’s kid is used very little, which was perfect, as instead of being a plot point, the child was a ramp up to the plot and a nice side story for Jim and Michelle.

This is not the funniest of the American Pie films, but it is definitely up there. Highly recommended for all American Pie films and just have a good time reminiscing with these characters.


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