A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film…How to review this movie without having my blog taken down or causing offence, such is my dilemma.

I will not go into the plot of the film, just an extremely rough outline –

Ex-Porn star gets offered an obscene amount of money to do one last film, no questions asked.

This is a very interesting film with various subtleties and layers.
This film is simply a comment on society today with the porn industry booming and the demand for new, fresh content becoming more and more, it shows what extent some people would go to.

The actors are all very solid and convincing. However i do think that in a certain Viagra scene that the actor should have hammed it up more to where it was close on comical before such, lets say devastating events that followed.

This film is gory, twisted, sick, depraved and fun. More extreme than The Human Centipede, but perhaps not as much as The Human Centipede II. The truth is, i didn’t find this film that shocking as i knew of the two major scenes before seeing the movie so did not catch me by surprise. I advise you to not read a lot about this movie or watch the trailer and man it out and risk it. If you can get through the shock factor it is a fun social commentary. The ending is superb and very moving.

Yes, that’s right, A Serbian Film isĀ FUN.


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