The first movie i will be reviewing is a film by Noel Clarke (Kidulthood, Adulthood).

Firstly, i am a huge fan of Noel Clarke’s two previous films, Kidulthood and Adulthood. In fact, i will review them at a later date. That being said i had high expectations for the directors latest film, my expectations were increased even more when i viewed the trailer, the trailer had the right mix of action, story, drama, comedy and girls. The trailer basically outlines the premise of the movie, there is a diamond robbery which through various circumstances involves various characters, with the usual dash of drama, comedy and action you would expect from the director of Kidulthood and Adulthood.
Ok, enough of the trailer, let me review the various aspects of the movie.

The actors in this film are superb, unusually Noel Clarke pretty much takes a back seat in this movie, playing a supporting character instead of the main character he normally portrays. Instead this film concentrates mainly on the four girls in the film (including the once innocent Emma Roberts). The acting from the four girls is superb, they play their characters brilliantly and are genuinely convincing as four friends whose lives cross throughout the movie to make the story connect. There is also a great supporting cast from Adam Deacon, as usual playing a drug dealer (If it aint broken, dont fix it!). There are also various cameos from both American and English stars including, Kevin Smith, Bashy, Sean Pertwee, Kate McGowan, etc. Basically, this film is amazingly cast.

The story, as outlined in the trailer, involves the four girl friends who we meet at the beginning of the film, who then separate and continue with their normal lives. However, somehow stolen diamonds have become involved, it is this that connects all the girls again. The film is played out in a cyclical form, we first are introduced to the ending, or what is the scene before the ending scene, we are then taken back four days which is where the four girls are met up and we are first given a glimpse of their individual personalities. These personality traits are to be both a help and a problem when their stories are individually played out. The way this story is laid out really helps the story and helps conceal various plot twists and help the story as if the film was edited in chronological order, it would overwhelm the audience and would draw them out of the story more so than required.

It is also good to see what Noel Clarke does with a bigger budget, instead of basing the story purely in London, he also sends one of his characters to New York, however, even though they are on different continents, the stories are still connected, and by having part of the film based in New York gives the film a fresh look and a change from a purely London set film. Also, one of the most funniest parts of the film, for me, was a point in New York involving a girl from the ghetto and a few racial remarks from a male protagonist.

In conclusion, is a great film, with a great story and a great cast, however it does have its niche, although can appeal to a more broader audience it is still not recommended if you are not a fan of Kidulthood or Adulthood.


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